Audio and Stereo Kits

Audio and Stereo Kits

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  • 10 Watt Stereo Audio Amplifier Kit

    This is a class AB dual hi-fi audio power amplifier designed for quality stereo applications.  It has a minimum of external components.  This is the data book test circuit.  It gives excellent sound.  The supply voltage range for this kit is 8V to 22V.

    Each channel is capable of delivering 10 watts into 4 ohm speakers using a 24Vdc supply voltage. Dimensions = 79mm x 50mm

    The kit is constructed on single-sided printed circuit boards.

    Operation:  The maximum supply voltage for this kit is 28V. 

    $39.95, shipping included in the USA.

  • Automatic Telephone Recording Adapter Kit

    Telephone recording. An automatic       
    recording will be made every time the receiver
    is lifted. Suitable for all models, including
    extensions. The kits attaches to your telephone line, and a cassette tape recorder.
    $39.95, shipping included in the USA.

    Electric Guitar Pre-amplifier Kit Preamp

    An electric guitar cannot be connected to just any amplifier or audio installation. This pre-amplifier has been designed to solve this problem and provides you at the same time with a headphones output, allowing you to practice without making a sound. Moreover, it is fitted with a special device for tone adjustment, allowing anyone to create their personal sound.


    Tone adjustment.
    Adjustable input sensitivity.
    Low noise.
    Headphones output: max. 2 x 50 mW / 32 (Housing not included in package).
    Power supply: 9V battery. $49.95, shipping included in the USA.

    Electronic Sound Personal Irritator Kit

    When you need to irritate someone, it's time you get serious about it and build our Irritator Kit. Not only does this kit produce a very irritating pulsating noise, but it also produces a very irritating pulsating ultra-bright red light. Kit features a unique slide control for adjusting the speed at which you want to irritate (slow to fast speeds). Uses IC circuitry, 2 jumbo ultra-bright red LEDs and giant piezo speaker. Fun to build and use - be the first to irritate your friends. At night, this kit is especially effective! Operates on one 9V battery (not included). Size of PC board: 4.75" x 2.19". Complete with all parts, PC board and instructions. $39.95, shipping included in the USA.

    Karaoke kit removes most vocals from CDs, Records, LPs, DVDs and more!


    sing along with your favorite music
    hook-up the unit between your CD-player, MD-player or any other line-level source and your amplifier
    RCA (cinch) input and output sockets
    with 6.3mm microphone jack, fits most microphones
    adjustable microphone level
    "vocal reduction"-switch reduces original vocals on most stereo recordings
    on/off switch and led power indicator


    power supply : 9V battery (not included)
    low power consumption : 16mA typ.
    dimensions : 100 x 84 x 25mm (3.9" x 3.3" x 1.0")


    MK140 is a kit of parts containing the PCB and parts. Assembly required. Tools needed: Low heat soldering iron, resin core solder, clippers and small screw driver. LEVEL: BEGINNER $49.95, shipping included in the USA.

    Universal stereo pre-amplifier audio Kit


    Universal low-noise stereo pre-amplifier

    * Frequency range: 40 Hz - 30kHz (3 dB) * Gain:  40 dB * Max. input voltage: 50 mV * Adjustable output voltage * Power supply: 10 - 30VDC/ 5 mA * PCB dimensions: 44 x 65mm *

    $39.95, shipping included in the USA.

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