IR Infrared Kits

IR Infrared Kits

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Convert Your WebCam to See in the Dark Kit and Plans

This set of plans and kit will allow you to convert most any Web cam to see near infrared light. With the proper IR illumination, you can see in the dark with your web cam. A good illuminating array is our high powered IR array. You supply the web cam (not included).

This is an easy-to-assemble kit. $19.95, includes shipping in the US.

Infrared IR Light Fence Security Alarm Kit

This kit uses an infrared (IR) beam to monitor door and passage-ways or any other area. When the beam is broken a relay is tripped which can be used to sound a bell or alarm. Suitable for detecting customers entering a shop, cars coming up a driveway, etc. The IR beam is very strong. Distances over 25 yards can be monitored with this kit.

A 12VDC unregulated supply is required to power the kit. A 12V wall adaptor is fine. Provision has been made so that only one power supply needs to be used to power both units. The relays in this kit are rated to switch mains voltages.

The kit is constructed on single-sided printed circuit board. Protel Autotrax and Schematic were used in the design.


For ease of operation, the transmitter board can be powered from the receiver board when they are relatively close together. Two plugs have been supplied for his. Connecting wire for he length required must be supplied by you. Otherwise two separate power supplies are required.

The receiver board contains two DC jacks connected in parallel. Power from a 12VDC source is connected to one jack. A lead can then be connected to the other jack and run to the transmitter board. DC plugs to make up a lead are supplied with the kit.

Aligning the transmitter and receiver is simply a matter of pointing the transmitter IR LED at the receiver board and moving it around until the red LED on the receiver board lights. This indicates that the beam is being received. The relay will be operated. $59.95, includes shipping in the US.

  • Infrared IR receiver module kit New!

    Infrared IR receiver module kit New! New, in box (NIB). This module can receive signal from our IR transmitter kit or most TV, VCR remote controls to control small motors or lamps. It measures 1.6"x1.2"x0.5". It requires 3V DC supply to operate. This is an easy-to-assemble kit. $14.95, includes shipping in the US.

  • Infrared IR transmitter module kit New!

    Infrared IR transmitter module kit New! with enclosure! New, in box (NIB). This module transmits signal to an IR receiver to controls small motors or lamps. It requires 3V DC supply to operate. This is an easy-to-assemble kit. $14.95, includes shipping in the US.

  • PIR Infrared IR Motion Detector Kit

    Making a movement detector using a high-gain op-amp circuit has never been easy. It is interesting to see how magazine articles present the subject; they always imply that the project is easy. The problem is that as the gain of the circuit is increased the slightest line voltage fluctuation will false trigger the unit. This arises when you try to run the op-amp circuit from the same power supply which operates the siren, or even an LED which comes on when the unit is triggered. It is still a black art to juggle the position of voltage regulators & special op-amps, capacitors & components to minimise this problem. So both for the hobbyist and commercial user there is a real attraction to have the movement detector circuit all contained in one IC. Heimann were first to put the complete electronics of a movement detector into one IC. But it was too expensive for commercial use and has been discontinued. The 20 pin DIP IC supplied here is the result of a recent American - Hong Kong Chinese venture to do the same thing more cheaply. Our tests on this IC show it to be very good and easy to use.

    And the choice of an efficient lens system is also important. The purpose of the fresnel lens is to break up the area under observation into optical zones so that a heat source moving from one optical zone to another will generate a heat wave on the surface of the PIR detector. It is no use having an excellent electronic circuit if the IR optical system is not very good. A lower gain circuit with an excellent lens system is far better than an excellent circuit and poor lens system. (Many cheap commercial detectors follow this philosophy.) And herein lies the problem for the hobbyist: it has always been difficult for the hobbyist to construct a curved mounting to hold the large plastic-sheet Fresnel lenses which give the most sensitive IR optics onto the PIR sensor. The physics of a creeping burglar at 25 yards (or meters) simply demands a focal length of 4 to 5cm for the lens/sensor system in order for the motion to be reliably detected. The PCB-mounted lens supplied in this kit is a good compromise. It will reliably detect motion in the 3 to 4 meters range.

    The technology of PIR sensors is now well known and has been published in most hobby magazines sometime within the last 5 years. Dual sensor PIR detectors are now the most widely used motion detectors. The other technologies (mainly ultrasonic) suffer too much from false triggering or are too expensive.

    The kit is constructed on a single-sided printed circuit board (PCB). It has a silk screen overlay on top to aid construction. On the bottom there is a solder mask to help in soldering. $59.95, includes shipping in the US.

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