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EDTA Tetra Sodium - For Lead-Acid Battery Restoration

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    EDTA, which is ethylenediaminetetraaceticacid tetrasodium salt, also known as N,N'-1,2- Ethanediylbis[N-(carboxymethyl)glycene] tetrasodium salt is used to dissolve sulfate deposits from lead acid batteries. The net effect is to lower the ownership cost of lead acid battery based electricity by recovering otherwise unusable batteries. Sulphated batteries simply do not deliver the power.

    The EDTA is a dry powder. It will dissolve easily in water but not in battery acid. When EDTA has been dissolved in water, the solution will then mix easily with battery acid. EDTA is considered non-toxic (but, we advise against ingesting it!)

    The amount to use depends on the size of the battery and on how much sulfate it has. In general, use one tablespoon per cell in a golf cart battery such as a Trojan T-105. There are approx. 40 tablespoons in one pound. EDTA has a near infinite shelf life.

    In general, the instructions are to use one tablespoon of EDTA per quart of electrolyte of the cell or battery to be treated. If you do not know the capacity of your cells, then use one tablespoon per cell for deep cycle batteries such as golf cart batteries and two tablespoons per cell for larger batteries.

    Mix the required amount of EDTA with just enough water to completely dissolve it. Add this mixture to the battery cells so that the cells get the amount indicated above. You can mix a batch big enough for all the cells and then divide it up; or you can mix a batch for each cell one at a time. You may have to remove some acid with your hydrometer to make room for the water and then put the acid back later when the liquid level has gone down. Some people mix EDTA into the make up water as a preventive measure. As always, use of this product is at your own risk!

    Only $34.95 per pound (which will treat many batteries for years!). Shipping is included in the USA. Email us for non-US shipping.

  • Special Pure Epsom Salt for battery restoration (1 Lb.)

    Special Purity Epsom salts can restore batteries as well, with a bit less effectiveness than EDTA. However, our specially purified Epsom salt costs less than the higher performance EDTA. Comes with complete instructions on application. If you want to experiment with battery chelation restoration, our lab-grade Epsom salts are a low cost entry into the process. $20.00 per pound. This is enough to treat many, many batteriers! Shipping included in the USA.

  • Pure Alum for Lead Acid to Alkaline Battery conversion (1 Lb.)

    Alum can be used to convert worn out lead acid (car, golf cart, trolling, RV, etc.) batteries to alkaline, giving them new life. Full instructions are included for the conversion. 1 pound of Alum (hydrated potassium aluminium sulfate) will convert many batteries. Shipping included in the USA. $20.00.

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