The Oregon Coast Trail (OCT)

From Astoria To Brookings-Harbor: The Oregon Coast Trail

The stories on this page are about the Oregon Coast Trail, from Astoria to Brookings Harbor, Oregon. Easily the most beautiful and dramatic coastline I have ever seen! Of course the entire Oregon coast is breathtaking, and perhaps in the future I will be able to include more of it here. For those of you who have seen this stretch of coastline, you will realize that these stories and pictures only begin to hint at the beauty that is here.

We have hiked several sections of the Oregon Coast Trail. On this site, we'll share pictures, experiences, and tips from my Oregon Coast Trail hikes. We'll be adding more tales of our adventures in 2006!

To purchase a full Oregon Coast Trail Trail guide, visit this site. There is a sample of the guide that you can view before purchasing! This guide is updated periodically.

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OCT Tips, Links, etc

It's not in our trail guide (but will be in the upcoming revision), but please don't bring dogs (or any pets) on the Oregon Coast Trail. Sure, dogs are permitted on some public beaches. But, you will have a much better (and legal problem free) experience if you don't bring your dog.

The OCT is not suited for dogs. It can cause them harm and disease. If you want a dead dog, bring them. If you want to be fined, bring your dog. From experience, I'm trying to save you and your dog injury, cost, and legal problems. And, most important, I'm trying to save threatened species, and keep fecal matter out of sensitive areas.

As a long distance hiker, leave your pooches at home if you hike beyond public beaches.

The OCT is a hidden gem. Let's be responsible, and keep it that way.

This was the Gear List.
Here are some tips and tricks for hiking the OCT.

Click on the day, below for the Oregon Coast Trail hike narratives and pictures:

Day 1, Sept 8, 2001, Bandon to New River (7 mi)
Day 2, Sept 9, 2001, New River to Floras Lake (10 mi)
Day 3, Sept 10, 2001, Floras Lake (0 mi)
Day 4, Sept 11, 2001, Floras Lake (0 mi)
Day 5, Sept 12, 2001, Floras Lake to Cape Blanco (and the shipwreck) (7 mi)
Day 6, Sept 13, 2001, Cape Blanco to Port Orford (8 mi)
Day 7, Sept 14, 2001, Port Orford (0 mi)
Day 8, Sept 15, 2001, Port Orford to Home

Day 1, Aug 24, 2005, Home to Newport (PT) to Seal Rock
Day 2, Aug 25, 2005, Seal Rock to Waldport
Day 3, Aug 26, 2005, Waldport to Newport (PT)
Day 4, Aug 27, 2005, Newport to Home (PT)
PT = Public Transportation
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