Floating, fluid and colorful, maxi dresses are one of the trends of summer 2022 (again!) and will help you on the hot days of the months to come and you will no longer be able to do without them.

They are long but don’t worry, because the fabrics are light and comfortable, so you can dance on the beach all night long. Also, can we talk about how beautiful they are? Last but not least, you won’t even have to go crazy in front of the wardrobe looking for what to wear: maxi dresses are the solution to everything!

The models are many, as the patterns, the cuts and the combinations depend on the occasion: heels, sneakers or sandals, jewels, bags, the choice is very wide. There are no strict rules on how to wear a maxi dress, but some outfit ideas can help you choose the style that suits you best, that’s why we have created the top 5 maxi dresses that you can wear this summer.

The femenine slip dresses

Originally, slip dresses were used by women to sleep, thanks to the very light and fresh material (usually viscose, silk or satin) they were comfortable and sexy. Today, the difference between slip dresses for sleeping and going out no longer exists, so much that now they are used more for going out.

The maxi slip dresses are sexy and elegant, have sinuous lines and very thin straps. They can be embroidered with lace, like the beautiful slip dress worn by Lisa, and the most popular colors are usually soft: pink, ivory, white, or beige like the one Roberta chose, very romantic. But they are also very beautiful in black and even with romantic and floral prints.

All about the colors: Printed dresses

As today’s look consists of only one garment, be original by wearing a unique print! If you have read my previous blogs, you will have understood that I LOVE printed dresses, because they are unique and unrepeatable pieces, and you can really choose the one that best matches your style. There are no printed dresses that are not suitable for you.

In addition to classic floral printed dresses, you can choose more stylized and simple patterns or indulge yourself with colors. Jenny’s maxi dress has a gorgeous floral pattern, and the loose fit is truly stylish.

Obviously these dresses lend themselves very well with any type of shoe, but in my opinion the best to match are sandals, like Nikki did, since printed dresses are already showy on their own.

Beach lifestyle: Chemisier dress

In fashion terminology, the chemisier dress represents a dress that incorporates some characteristics of the men’s dress shirt. It is a dress with simple lines, usually buttoned in front and of various lengths, but today we are talking about the maxi chemisier dress, the most elegant and a real must have in the women’s wardrobe.

Thanks to its many variations, it can be elegant and formal or casual and chic, depending on its shape and accessories you combine. This dress is perfect with mules, but it can also be worn in a city look and combined with sneakers, like Phaedra did.

The chemisier dress is also suitable for the beach, if chosen in fresh cotton and linen fabrics, paired with a straw hat and bag, or open-air events. Lisa’s off the shoulder chemisier dress is simple and elegant, paired with sandals, a belt and a straw hat. It made me want to go to the beach!

For colder nights: Maxi dress with long sleeves

The nice thing about the maxi dress with long sleeves is that it can be worn all year round, depending on the material and the fantasy, thanks to its more covering capacity. In some ways, the maxi dress with long sleeves can also be more elegant and formal, suitable for ceremonies, usually being more high-necked.

For example, Lisa’s look is also perfect for the spring-autumn months, paired with a jacket and the right shoes, and she has chosen some beautiful beige boots. Jenny, on the other hand, definitely has a more ceremonial spring-summer look: she wears a maxi dress with long sleeves in silver with a side slit and open heels. I am pretty much into these two looks!

The trend of 2022: Cut out dresses

Cut out dresses are back strongly among the trends of summer 2022, also loved by fashion designers who love to experiment.

They are characterized by particular cuts, which do not concern the simple neckline, but can also arise on the shoulders, the back or the belly, allowing stylists to create intriguing design games. The cut out dresses are also loved by celebrities, because thanks to their particular shapes they enhance the sinuosity of the feminine shapes, giving the wearer an unconventional elegance to those who wear them with style.

Nikki wears a black one shoulder dress, cut on the side but with a wide and comfortable shape, very classy. Nanette’s white one is probably the most popular shape among the cut out dresses for summer 2022: low-cut and with two symmetrical cuts under the bust.

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